Plant the Seed

Plant The Seed

It all starts with an idea.

An idea to make a change, seek opportunity and be part of a strong community that wants to grow. The economic opportunities that the town of Miles presents currently are abundant and ready to be promoted. The Miles Chamber of Commerce proudly presents this campaign to ‘plant the seed’ in your mind and show you the benefits of being part of a powerful local community. Is it time for a change?

Let’s plant the seed.


Where is Miles?

Miles is conveniently situated on the crossroads of two major Queensland highways, Warrego and Leichhardt. With the new Warrego highway upgrade and the new Toowoomba bypass, Miles is now less than 4 hours drive West of Brisbane. Goondiwindi sits 227km South of Miles down the Leichhardt highway and Roma 140kms further West.

Plenty to offer

Since 2014, Miles has had more than $30 Million invested in water, sewerage and waste infrastructure in anticipation of substantial regional growth influenced by the resource sector and its contractors. This investment has created many opportunities for new businesses, investors and families who have established their homes in the region.

Miles boasts Childcare, Kindergarten, Primary school, High school and a state of the art Trade Training Centre through the High School, giving students every opportunity to enter traineeships and start their careers.

House prices are at an all time low, making it most affordable for a new family to start a life in a country town, within the supportive local community. Commercial prices are also at an affordable rate making buying or renting very accessible to new startup businesses. In the technological world we now live in, decentralising your business may be a viable option. Relocating your storage facilities or warehousing to a more affordable base may give you the edge on your competitors.

There are large feedlot enterprises in the region with a high number of cattle being produced and distributed. This employs many local people and also supports grain and feed growers in the region. Reverse osmosis water, the by-product from gas extraction, is now also available to local farmers allowing the agricultural sector to flourish.


A number of solar projects have recently been approved for the region, bringing more employment opportunities and prosperity. With a gas power station within reach of Miles, local industry has opportunity on its doorstep.

A substantial wind farm is planned to be built near Dulacca (30 minutes West of Miles), which will be connected to the grid directly.

A proposed East / West DC line is also in the project pipeline, potentially linking the above projects to the existing Warra DC line.

The current economic climate of Miles works in the favour of industry, manufacturing and agricultural business opportunities.

Miles also boasts a recently completed industrial park ready to house 5 new industrial enterprises. With a road-train-accessible service station and a prevalent position on the crossroads of two major highways, it makes the perfect location for heavy haulage and transport companies to establish a Queensland freight hub.

The Miles lifestyle

Take advantage of some of Australia’s best country living.

Quality of life! Fly your plane; ride horses and motorcycles; join a local club- fishing, gun, footy, netball, automotive, weightlifting and much more! Enjoy country living!

Don’t take our word for it, come and experience it for yourself. Stay in one of our many new motels in Miles, try out our local tourist attractions and check out our Historical Village showcasing the history of Queensland.

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